The Yorkshire Peat Partnership

What we do...

The Yorkshire Peat Partnership aims to substantially increase the amount of peatland restoration activity by meeting the following objectives;

  • To restore 35,000 ha of damaged peat by 2017, that's 50% of the damaged peat in Yorkshire!
  • To revegetate areas of exposed bare peat, sphagnum carpets being the ultimate goal.
  • To establish long-term research monitoring to assess the benefit of peatland restoration to a range of ecosystem services.
  • To promote research that addresses fundamental peatland restoration questions.
  • To produce an estimate of carbon storage and sequestration potential in the Yorkshire upland region.
  • To use and promote best practice in all applied restoration techniques.
  • To raise awareness and promote the multitude of benefits that peatland restoration can provide to a wider audience.

How we do it
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