Moorland Research Fund

The Yorkshire Peat Partnership and Moors for the Future created the Moorland Research Fund with the aim of enabling students to undertake moorland research as part of their post graduate studies.

In 2010, the Fund was awarded to seven exciting research projects that investigate issues in the moorlands of Northern England, such as restoration, land management and ecosystem services.

On 23rd March 2011, these projects were able to report back their findings at the Moorland Research Seminar held in Huddersfield. The event was attended by both academics and moorland practitioners and provided the opportunity for an excellent knowledge transfer experience.

For a short summary of each of the seven research projects, please click on the links below:

MRF0110 - Impacts of wildfire, erosion and restoration on sediment flux and pollutant mobilisation in the peatlands of the Peak District National Park.

MRF0210 - Landscape scale fire risk assessment by mapping vegetation fuel moisture content

MRF0310 - Adaptive Governance for Carbon Sequestration: The Case of Peatlands in the Peak District

MRF0410 - Effects of climate and land-use changes on dung beetle communities: predicting the consequences for insect biodiversity and function in British moorlands

MRF0510 - Impacts of moorland restoration on diversity and distribution of plant growth promoting root symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi and associated soil nitrogen cycling bacterial / archaeal communities in the Southern Pennines

MRF0610 - Moorland restoration, biodiversity and carbon sequestration

MRF0710 - Catchment management influences on moorland stream biodiversity