A big thank you to our volunteers

Volunteers planting sphagnum © Ben Queenborough

Matthew Snelling gives a big thumbs up to the incredible hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Some of you will still be bearing the scars from the Yorkshire Peat Partnership’s last volunteering effort back in February. Our hardy volunteers battled with the ‘beast from the east’ to plant an impressive amount of sphagnum moss as part of our research project in Nidderdale.

Well, the hard work did not stop there! Throughout September and October, we have been collecting data on our research plots to understand how things have changed since February. We have been measuring vegetation change, greenhouse gas emissions and the site’s hydrology. Once again the numbers on this are staggering:

  • 36 greenhouse gas measurements
  • 50 vegetation surveys
  • 180 water table measurements
  • 720 water samples

This valuable data improves our understanding of peatlands and allows us demonstrate their importance. It also helps us refine the techniques we use to deliver blanket bog restoration on a landscape scale.

Our small team of volunteers gave up 105 hours of their Sundays to help us and they did it with fantastic enthusiasm and commitment (despite a bit more rain). We are grateful for your support, thank you.