Surveying and monitoring

Image of vegetation monitoring on peatland © Andreas Heinemeyer

Vegetation assessment © Andreas Heinemeyer

Long term monitoring

Peat bogs develop very slowly; on average, 1m of peat takes 1,000 years to form (and often more slowly at altitude). To improve understanding of these systems requires long term committment. Our long term monitoring programme looks for changes in vegetation communities and peat depth that would indicate a change to peat-forming conditions.

Image of YPP staff surveying peat erosion © Lyndon Marquis

Peat survey © Lyndon Marquis


We conduct both desk based and field surveys. Aerial photos used in our surveys are often provided by our in house UAV pilots. Using handheld GPS mappers, we categorise all the features of a site, including vegetation/plant communities, erosion features and peat depths. Yorkshire Peat Partnership's expanding team has already surveyed nearly 30,000 hectares using these methods.

Image of pool formed behind timber dam on Cray Moss © Lyndon Marquis

Cray Moss timber dam © Lyndon Marquis

Works monitoring

One year after capital works have been completed, Yorkshire Peat Partnership staff will return to restoration sites to assess the success of the work. Following this, the team will return every two years to carry out condition assessments.