Blog: blanket bog


Red and green hummock formed of Sphagnum papillosum and Sphagnum capillifolium

Sweat the small stuff

There is more than meets the eye when gazing upon a blanket bog (upland peat bog) carpeted in sphagnum moss, shrubs and sedges.

A Geode Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver

An Ode to Geode

The 2021/22 report from Yorkshire Peat Partnership identified that in total approximately 6,500 ha of foot surveys have been completed by the team since 2009.

Laying a peat core in protective wrapping

Core blimey

Peat cores evidence thousands of years of climate and environmental change. So, what are our cores telling us about Yorkshire’s landscape?

Sphagnum palustre in Bransdale

Dipwells in Bransdale

Hi! I’m Lucy and I joined Yorkshire Peat Partnership as the GIS & Remote Sensing Assistant last year. I have loved my time at YPP so far, but I think my experience is best introduced by the…